Frequent Questions asked by candidates seeking Admission into Nigerian Universities.

JAMBITES Have a lot of questions they need to be clerified about.
They sometimes do not ask and often fall into trouble that lead to their denier of admission.
In order to help we have highlights of some questions they may wish to ask.

1) what is JAMB Cut off Mark?

Traditionally, JAMB cutoff mark have been 180/400 and 200 for professional courses 

JAMB Cutoff mark for law and mbbs is said to be 200 in most universities but one is expected to score higher to be on the safe side.
However, the 180 depends on the general performance of students that particular year. In 2017, there was massive failure in the performance that prompted the body to reduce the cutoff from 180 to 120 but many universities refused to adhere to this so as to maintain their standared.
I. E the general cutoff Jamb mark is 180 but institutions are at liberty to increase as they wish.
So, your question should be based on the JAMB Cutoff mark accepted for admission into the particular Course and institution of your choice.

2) Do all universities conduct post UTME?

No. Not all Universities conduct Post UTME.
Like University of Agriculture Makurdi, after meeting the stipulated cutoff mark 170 or 180,  you then proceed to the screening office on the said date and once you pass the screening, congratulations on your admission.

3) Do all Universities go by the cutoff mark or some have seperate cut off marks?

Many Universities have their seperate Cutoff marks.
BSU Accepts 180 for non professional courses and 200 for professional courses.
Others accept 220 or thereabout.

4) if I don't meet the cutoff mark will I still be admitted?

In Nigeria, if you don't meet the JAMB cutoff mark, you can go for less. Choose a politechnic and enrole yourself then seek for direct entry. It's still cool.

5) Do universities admit people on second choice?

I prefer to say the second choice stuff is just a fancy. 
It is not common for universities to admit you on second choice unless on special favors granted by the VC Of such institution.

6) is it possible to do change of course and institution before admission?

It is very possible to do change of course and institution before been admitted.
After writing JAMB UTME
The body gives room for candidates to correct their errors.
All you need do is to be at news all the times.

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