/> 17 year old girl who recorded George Floyd's murder laments online abuses.

17 year old girl who recorded George Floyd's murder laments online abuses.

Darnella Frazier, Teanage girl who recorded George Flyod death.

In the wake of mass outcry and protest over George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, the person who brought his story to light has become a target of online harassment for failing to intervene while George was being killed. 

The teenager, 17-year-old Darnella Frazier who recorded Monday’s incident involving George Floyd and Minneapolis police spoke out Wednesday against people, she says are harassing her online.

Her 10-minute video shows Floyd clinging to life and eventually becoming unconscious. Floyd later died at an area hospital, according to police.

She posted the video to Facebook, where it has been shared more than 44,000 times since early Tuesday morning. The video has also received more than 13,000 comments as of Thursday.

Frazier told reporters, some people have accused her of sharing the video for "clout" or attention. She refuted this while also making it clear that she didn't exactly feel safe inserting herself into the situation as a 17-year-old black girl.

“I’m doing it for clout?? For attention?? What?? To get paid??” she asked on Facebook.

"Now y’all just sound dumb and ignorant!! I don’t expect anyone who wasn’t placed in my position to understand why and how I feel the way that I do. MIND YOU I am a minor! 17 years old, of course I’m not about to fight off a cop wtf." "I don't give 2 fucks about what y'all would've did because was y'all there?? NO. Fighting would've got someone else killed or in the same position George (may he rest in peace) was in. If it wasn't for me 4 cops would've still had their jobs, causing other problems." 

She went on to say police would have swept the incident under the rug if it weren’t for her video.

"My video went world wide for everyone to see and know! His family was reached out to! The police most definitely would've swept it under the rug with a cover up story," Darnella continued. "Instead of bashing me, THANK ME! Because that could've been one of your loved ones and you would want to see the truth as well."

In a NowThis video, Frazier is seen crying after going back to where she recorded the video on Tuesday. She says it's traumatizing for her to have seen what happened to Floyd. 

"I watched this man die," Darnella said in an interview with NowThis. "I was the one that was recording the whole thing. I've seen him die. I posted the video...and it just went viral. And everybody's asking me how do I feel? I don't know how to feel. ... It's so sad, bro. This man was literally right here, 8 p.m. yesterday." 

Darnella Frazier was out to get something from a store when she witnessed the situation, her mother added.

The death of this Minneapolis man at the hands of law enforcement has struck the nation as the footage of a police officer kneeling on his neck until he couldn't breathe has circulated all around the Internet, prompting riots for justice and the end of police brutality. 

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