/> Prices of Food Stuff in Benue State Markets in 2020

Prices of Food Stuff in Benue State Markets in 2020

Prices of food items in benue State Nigeria.

There is no doubt that each season of the year has it fixed price of items in Nigeria.

 In benue state especially, food items changes in their prices from time to time. for example raining seasons has it fixed prices for food stuff while dry season also has it fixed prices.

 in the dry season sometimes, things rise or increase in their prices while they drop down during raining season.

In this post we shall be looking at recent price of food items in Benue State markets in 2020.

Following the outbreak of covid-19 which caused a total lockdown in the country people have been searching for prices of food items where they can get food items at a better price.

Hence this incident, food items have never remained the same and their prices any longer there have been increase in price for major food items in the country. 

However benue state which is the food basket of the Nation have these itsms at very subsidized rate.

Let's look at the prices of major food items in Benue State markets ranging from March 2020 till date.

1) Tomato in benue state markets 

 40 kg is equal to 25000 naira
 a basket of tomato is 5000 naira

2) prices of onions in benue state Markets

100 kg bag 27000 naira
A full rubber 1000 naira to 1500 naira

3) price of soya beans
 100 kg bag 20000 naira
Custard rubber 900 naira
1 model 250 naira

4) price of Garri in benue markets

50 kg bag 8000 naira
Custard rubber 415 error
Model 150 naira

5) price of groundnut oil 

25litres 10000 naira

6) red oil

 25 litres 12000 naira

7) price of corn in benue market.

 a bag of 20 kg 15000 naira rubber custard rubber 700 naira model 200 naira

8) price of rice in benue state markets

50kg bag 17009
5 kg 3000 naira
Costered rubber 1500 naira
Mudu 350 naira

9) price of beans in benue state market

One bag 27090 
Custard rubber 1209 
Mudul 300 naira

10) price of dried cassava in benue market.

100kg 15000 naira this can be found almost in all the markets in benue state.

11) price of guinea corn

50 kg 17009 thanks rubber medium size 700 naira 1 model 200 naira Guinea corn can be found in North Bank market listen

12) price of melon seeds

 50 kg 40000 naira 

Mudu 1300

Cup 200

13) price of oranges in benue state.

 50 kg Bag of Orange 10000 naira medium size paint bucket 500 naira.
Thus, these are the most purchased food stuff in Nigerian markets that can be found in Benue State. 
However, we have only provided this information base on what we can get as at April to may 2020

Note! Items in the market have no fixed price as they are subject to change depending on the economic situation at that time.

Campusdigital interprenuer and jobs handle will notify you on subsequent changes.

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