/> Why candidates are denied admission into Nigerian Universities.

Why candidates are denied admission into Nigerian Universities.

Most often we hear persons complain that they scored high in JAMB but yet they are denied admission.

This can be caused by many reasons.
We have put together some of the reasons why people are denied admission into the university even though getting admission appears to be something simple.

It is a point to wonder, those who are admitted even at first trial, do they have two heads? Is there anything different they have been doing that you don't know?

Certainly, they may be doing something different and in the correct manner.
If you have admission issues, reading our blog post and asking questions will go a long way to help you.

sometimes persons meets all the criteria for them to be eligible to gain admission into any Nigerian University of their choice but unfortunately they are denied the chances.

Seeking admission into Nigerian Universities can be a tudious task to embark on and you must be careful at all times not to miss any criteria nor do the wrong thing ignorantly.

1) choosing a highly competitive course in a highly competitive institution.

Of course it is good for someone to aim great that is to go for greater things such as wanting to study highly competitive and professional courses like law or medicine and surgery or architecture etc. in any of the highly competitive universities.
while doing this such a person needs to be very sure of his chances to secure admission in such universities.

  Now what does it take to be sure?
 to be sure means you should know the cut-off Mark of such institution if it is 200 score higher than 200 if it is 250, then Target the 250 or higher.
 know the post utme requirements of such institution that is if post utme is a criteria.
When I say a course it's highly competitive I mean there are over thousands applicant for that course alone or over thousands of applicants for that institution. so gaining admission into such an institution is a thing of luck and great luck and you must struggle to be among the lucky ones.
However if you cannot secure admission into your dream course in a highly competitive University due to low grades there is no problem you can still choose a less competitive course and apply.

 to be on a safer side you must play your cards well by scoring higher than expected and gaining such admission on merit especially where it is not your catchment area.

2) wrong subject combination.

one thing that is noteworthy is that before someone takes jamb exams or any of the examinations necessary for him to get admission into the university is he uses his subjects which he knows best but the question is, does the subject combination which he or she takes rhyme with the necessary requirements of that course which he actually aspires to study?
For example, if the subject combination for the study of nursing in the university is English, biology, chemistry and physics when someone goes ahead to register English, biology, chemistry and agricultural science that is totally wrong subject combination no matter how that person scores, he still will be denied that admission or better still it depends on the mercy of such institution the institution may push him to another department which accept such combinations.

So, when taking your subject combinations for jamb exams that may allow you to get admission into the university's you should be very very careful or enquire from the necessary information platforms so that you will be well guided.

3) choosing a wrong catchment area.

A university catchment areas is the geographical areas served by an institution.  It is the main situation of an institution. Like in Nigeria, catcment areas are base in Georgia political zones.
Every Federal Government universities in Nigeria have their own catchment areas that they primarily serve. This does not mean that the school will not admit students outside the catchment area, but the catchment areas are given special considerations. I hope that makes sense to you?

Assuming you are from Edo State and you want to apply for admission into University of Benin, then you will have advantage over those who are not from the school’s catchment area.

To clarify further, let us use the University of Lagos, UNILAG as an example. There are 6 states in Nigeria that belong to the school’s catchment area: Oyo, Lagos, Osun, Ogun, Ondo and Ekiti.

This states are given special consideration when it comes to admitting students UTME into University of Lagos, in the sense that the cut-off marks assigned to this state are always lower than the merit cut off assigned to every other states.

4) scoring lesser than required.

Wrong subject combination is one dangerous phenomenon that denies one from gaining admission into the university but another more dangerous one is scoring lesser than expected that is meeting the cut off mark but not as much as expected or not meeting it at all. for example if you want to study architecture and the cut-off for architecture is 200 and your school 199 you should know that manner will not come from heaven to Grant you that admission or less on special conditions so you should struggle to meet up a necessary cut off Mark or even score higher the best way to secure administration without any problem is aiming to score high if you score less or use call the cut off and it is not even good enough you may be denied that admission or you may be offered a lesser course that is not equivalent to the desired course.

5) sometimes the age of the candidate.

I said sometimes the age because this phenomenal doesn't really matter at times but it matters where the system wants to be strict for example John may take it hard upon a candidate who is not yet 18 years of age that person may be denied admission even if he scores 300 out of 400 it depends on how fast he is noticed so if you are under 18 it is advisable you don't seek admission until you have reached the right age.
however the remaining under 18 students on various campuses some find their way to beat the system while others are not noticed at all so writing on this week and not be really sure but this also is a requirement and so if you have clocked at and above you are already an edge over someone who has not reached that age.

the above listed are the common mistakes people make that deny them admission into various universities in Nigeria

I hope we have been helpful!
we really want to help you and so if you have any question, feel free to type it in the comment box we will reply your question as soon as we receive it.
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