/> Few Bussinesses to start in Nigeria with 100 thousand Naira.

Few Bussinesses to start in Nigeria with 100 thousand Naira.

We have come accross certain questions on what bussiness one can start with 100 thousandnaira in Nigeria.

Starting a bussiness and succeeding in it is something that has to do with the mind set of an individual.
Before we dive into the main, we will like you to examine yourself and see the areas you are and can do great and those you need improvement on.

Are you looking for a bussiness you can start with 100 thousand naira in Nigeria and  succeed in it?

Let us do an exercise.

  1. Are you employed by someone or you are self employed?
  2. What kind of payment are you placed on?

Daily pay, weekly pay or monthly.

3. Do you save part of the money you receive from work?

4. Have you ever been in a bussiness before?

5. Have you ever sat and calculated your expenses in a month, week or even annually?

6. Do you have a budget with the intention of starting a bussiness?

All of this is just an exercise that should abraise your mind towards getting a befitting bussiness for yourself especially where your income falls within the range of 100 k

In this blog post, campus digital shall be suggesting some bussiness ideas which you should give a try and see how they can work for you.

Bussinesses you can start with 100 thousand naira in Nigeria.

  • Barbing Saloon
  • Hair dressing
  • Tailoring
  • Drinking joint
  • Restaurant
  • Transportation
  • Laundry services.

  • Barbing Saloon:

A Barbing Saloon is one good bussiness you can invest into with 100 thousand naira.
All you need is to know the cost of the expenses and where exactly to get them.

All that is involved in starting a barber shop is what 100 thousand naira can afford.
Let's make a breakdown of the list of items which are necessary for starting a Barbing Saloon.

A shop: 

of course you cannot run a barber shop under the sun or by the shades of a tree. The basic requirement for getting into Barbing Saloon bussiness is that you get a shop where your customers can patronise and be at their comfort. You can choose to erect a building on a small portion of land for that purpose or still hire a shop.

Making a building or hiring a shop is the highest expenses to procure while planning on starting a Barbing bussiness in Nigeria.
Tips on getting a good shop while starting a barber shop.
Make sure you situate your business in a popuplated  area

Your building should be well ventilated

Have a standby generator incase of power failure

Have up to four chairs in your shop so other customers can relax while waiting for their turn.

Other important items that are necessary for starting a Barbing Saloon.


A pair of clipper in Nigeria goes for about 5 thousand naira to 15 thousand, depending on the quality you want.

If you operate the business alone, you can choose to have one but it is always advisable you have two or more in cases of emergency breakdown.

A generator set.

In starting a barber business in Nigeria, it is important you have a generator set standing by so that you won't run out of electricity when there is blackout.
A generator set can go for 15 thousand naira and above as they are of different sizes.

Wall mirrors: 

the importance of a wall mirror especially when venturing into a bussiness like Barbing, can never be overemphasized.
Customers always want to look at the mirror to see what you are doing on their hair. Ordinarily if I walk into a barber shops and find out there is no mirror I won't dare pay for any services there, moreover the barber may not be a professional.

A portable wall mirror can be purchased at the rate of 8 thousand naira or less.

You also need minor items like hair brushes, combs of different sizes, sanitizers, clipper oil, clipper maintainance etc. All these can be gotten within the range of 3 to 5 thousand naira (5000).

So, you can now see that Barbing is one of the bussinesses you can start with as little as 100 thousand naira in Nigeria.

  • Hair dressing 

Start a hair dressing saloon with 100 thousand naira in Nigeria.

A hair dresser does not necessarily need a Luxury for a start.
You can rent a shop or turn part of you house to a place for that purpose. If you consider renting, a shop can fall within the rate of 25 to 50 thousand naira annually.

What matters is you been good at the skill.
You only need to rent a shop or
But what if you are not perfect at it?
Will that be the end of your journey towards hair dressing bussiness? Absolutely no! There are many unemployed persons who have that skill but do not have the capital to get themselves a professional avenue where they can practice.
If you have the capital, it is after advisable you gather such persons and offer them the opportunity to work with you and for you while  in return you pay them well.

Items necessary for starting a hair dressing bussiness in Nigeria.

Some mirrors
Hair washing machines
Weavons and wig
Chairs for customers
Combs etc

  • Tailoring

Starting a toiloring shop in Nigeria is a bussiness you can get into with 100,000 naira or less, depends on the area your shop is situated and the kind of equipments you use.

Basic requirements to start a good tailoring bussiness:
Sewing machines

A sewing machine go for 25 to 45,000 naira in Nigeria, depending on the quality you can afford.
A shop.

Of course you need a house where you can operate your bussiness and this you must situate in a area where you can get more customers. Also, remember to be at your best like other fashion designers because people are only looking for quality  and your customers increases depending  on the quality of services you offer.

You also need electricity especially if you use electric sewing machines.

What happens when you are not a professional tailor?

You are not a professional and you have no skill on you, but you have up to 100,000 naira to start a business but you don't know what bussiness you can actually start with 100,000 naira?

I suggest you consider opening a fashion designer or tailoring shop, putting in place all the necessary items and employing skilled people to work for you in that regard.

Drinking joint/Bar

Do you know that people love to relax and cool off the heat of the day at noon?

I believe you must have come accross many wine bars around you, this are ideas from people like you.
You can start a shop where you sell drinks with as little as 100,000 naira.

Of course start with some drinks and gradually your market grows.

Basic items necessary for starting a drinking bussiness.

Start a drinking joint bussiness today with one hundred thousand naira.
What you need include

Some chairs and tables which 25,000 naira can afford
A fridge that can be purchased at 50,000 naira or less
Some drinks and you are good to go.

This bussiness is worth investing Into with 100 thusana naira.


Yes, I say transportation and one may be wondering how you can start a transport bussiness with as little as 100,000 naira.
This can be done through hire purchase.

You can choose to be a commercial motorcyclist, own a commercial trycicle or even a taxi by hire purchase.

All you need do is make yourself reliable and a dealer will lend you some vehicle in agreement to return to him some money within sometime.

You may choose to operate it yourself or give it to someone else to run some job and make you some returns.
Laundry Services:

Do you know that you don't even need 100,000 naira to start a Laundry bussiness in Nigeria?
Well in some cases you may need money but not up to that amount.

If you want to make your services more professional, it is advisable you invest on getting the necessary requirements like a workshop, some washing machine, toiletries.

Most importantly, be at your best and be sure your employees aren't malhandling your client's clothin.

Livestock farming:

Make money with livestock farm.

Going to the market, You can start a livestock with 100000 naira  and succeed in the bussiness.
What is involved is you getting the best of any specie of animal you want.
Another involvement is what exactly to invest into, it could be pottery birds, pig farming, owning a goat farm, rabbit, etc.

One thing you should know is that, livestock farming pays off and it is a well pay bussiness to venture into.

You can get a good species of any livestock you wish to raise from 5,000 to about 30,000 depending on what you want.

Then think about the feeding and health care and make sure they stay healthy.

Laundry Services.

Laundry service is one among many bussinesses you can embark on with 100 thousand Naira or less and still make it big.

The capital should be such that can rent you a shop, get you some washing machines, provide a generator set, a pressing iron, water system, cloth hangers and many other items that can spice up your services.

These are just few among many other bussinesses you can start with 100,000 naira in Nigeria and make a lot of money from it.

Campusdigital informs you that nothing good comes easy so make up your mind and be bold enough to start something amidst challenges, never give up. Cheers!

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