COVID19:. Survivor Shares his experience at Yaba Isolation centre

Covid 19 treatment at Yaba Isolation centre.

One of the Covid 19 survivor who tested positive and was issolated at the Yaba Isolation centre has shared his experience to the public.

In his statement he expressed his appreciation to the Nigerian management on Covid 19 for putting in place enough facilities that are suitable for the treatment of the disease.  
He said, what he met wasn't what he expected as the whole place was well structured though he met an 15 people in the room, the beds where well kept the medical personel where so co operative and calm whole attending to patients. 
He further admonished those who may feel symptoms of the virus to should submit himself for checkup as it is the not a death sentence.

Also, the ministry of information alongside NCDC Has challenged those who have been cured of the virus to give testimonies that people make no longer fear as before. 

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