/> Five easiest crops to make money with in 2021

Five easiest crops to make money with in 2021

 Make money farming and cultivating this easy and stress-free crops 

Owing to the fact that 2020 is in it's midtimes, campus digital been a job and education blog hope to abraise the heart of our viewers towards making money in farm produce next year 2021.

Of course we know that in Nigeria you plant during rainy seasons which Begins from late March till November or there about and the dry seasons ranging from late November to March are usually Harvest time.

This having been the case, Campus digital has a view of demand in agricultural produce as from next year, especially as a result of the covid 19 pandemic that has ravaged the whole world and is capable of causing lot of hardship and scarcity of food. 

In addition, many people including the Governor of Benue State Samuel Ortom has advised that at least everyone should own a farm.

People don't really like the idea of farming because of the stress in it, they prefer to buy food while those who have been in the process are making a whole lot out of it.

This blog post is aim at encouraging us especially able Bodied youths to buy the idea of farming so as to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country. 

Moreover, there are over millions of graduates every year from different institutions and how on Earth do you expect the government to offer to everyone of them white collar jobs?

Thus, as an avenue to encourage interprenuer, through farming, we bring to you suggestions of easiest crops you can cultivate without stress and earn a lot of money especially in 2021. 
So, it is advisable you pick one out of our many ideas and develop on it for your financial breakthrough and stability in the next harvest season, 2021.

Easiest crops to plant and make more money in 2021.

  • cassava farming. 
  • Moringa plants. 
  • Palm trees. Bennesead. 
  • Water melon. Melon. 
  • Vegetables.

Cassava farming.

Cassava is an annual crop that is planted in most parts of Nigeria between the month of May till the following year.
One interesting thing about this crop is that, there is usually 90% chances of yeilding a rich harvest when planted, as far as you do the right thing.
Working on a cassava farm has no much stress you can choose between Making ridges or munds and once this is done, you only need the stem to be planted and maybe inspect to remove unwanted weed once in a long time.
That makes it one of the easiest crops you can cultivate and make a lot of money

Cassava has many benefits and it's demand increases on regular intervals.
Some uses include: 
1) floor Making
2) Garri
3) starch
4) animal feed etc.

A bag of cassava as of now goes for about 8,000 Naira in Nigeria and increases during dry seasons which by January 2021 there is possibility of this comodity getting to 15k


Moringa is a plant that is capable of growing in India, Asia, Africa and North America.

It contains allot of vitamins and has many health benefits which include building a stronger immune system, protecting the liver,  treatment of cancer etc.

It can cure certain jllness such as 
Eye related issues, treatment of diabetes, kidney disorder amongst others.

Recently, research is still ongoing on the use of moringa as it has many benefits which are yet to be discovered.

Infact, everything about the whole structure of a moringa tree Beginning from the roots, stem, leaves and seeds is useful and it's usefulness is discovered regularly.

It is also used for oil production, cream production, manufacturing of drugs etc.

Make money planting Moringa trees, start a moringa farm today and make money farming in 2021.

Moringa is an easy plant to grow as you need to plant the seeds. 
Moringa seeds starts germinating within three days from planting and becomes a tree in 6 months time.

The most easiest method of planting Moringa trees is by planting the stem as much as you can.
One moringa tree is capable of producing half a bag of the seeds if properly nurtued.

You can make money cultivating this simple crop as demand of it is on the increase in the market.

A bag of moringa seeds goes for 17 thousand naira, a bucket full of it goes for five thousand  Naira and a smallest measurements of it is usually 1k 

Own a moringa farm today and make a lot of money by next year 2020.

Palm trees.

Palm trees are easy to grow especially when they are planted on the right soil.
They do well mostly in tropical areas.

They can be planted through their seedlings which takes about nine weeks to start making shoots and takes two to three years to become a mature tree.

Economic benefits of Palm trees.
Palm trees are resources for many products that spice our daily lives 

Palm oil
Palm wine
Among others 
Making money through Palm trees is as easy as nothing.
Let's start from the scratch. Palm trees do not necessary require to be full grown before they can start yeilding some money for you. Start a palm tree production bussiness today through a little garden or nursery bed, invite people who are into the bussiness to buy from you.
Most people use them to beautify their surroundings while others use replace the ones they fell probably by tapping Palm wine. 

Another way to earn money producing Palm trees is by Palm canel for oil production among many other economic benefits.

Water melon 

Another easiest way to make money farming is by owning a water melon farm.

All you need do is make little ridges as long as you can, plant the seeds at least give a six inch gap between each plant on the ridge.

It is best planted around may and cultivated in July.
You may wish to plant again on the same piece of land in July after cultivating the first one.


Like water melon, melon seeds are also easy plants that you can get more money through them.

All you need do is make little ridges as long as you can, plant the seeds at least give a six inch gap between each plant on the ridge.

It is best planted around may and cultivated in July.
You may wish to plant again on the same piece of land in July after cultivating the first one. 
A bag of Mellon seeds go for 35 to 40,000 naira in the market.

There are many crops that you can easily plant without stress and still make a lot of money.
Campus digital interprenuerer ideas will only put to you the possibility of starting something and making it big.

Decide to make money farming today, startup something this year and get rich through farming by next year, 2021.

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