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From the texture of the skin
to the gods of the religion.
From the customs of the traditions
to the traditions of the custom.
From the different beliefs,
to the house hold of multiple wives.
The scatters of children,
the harvest of yams.
The drum beats oozing while the moonlight shines.
The tales of morals,the pounding of yams.
The Relaxation of the evening, with men and Palm Wine.
The chit chat of how dutiful our wives are is the Conversation under the Moonlight.
The discipline of the house hold and the wives not exempted.
The revealing of the lies told using our Conscience system in shrines,were well expected.
The Story of the ship,to the texture of our Skin.
The culture that leads in Africa,that is a beautiful thing.
The deep bass in the drums,
the stories and the fun.
this was Africa of the essence,
but the Europeans gave us more.

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  1. Beautifully said

  2. Thank you so much❤️ watch out for my body of work(Anthology) September 12


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