/> Èwú ré

Èwú ré

 What's the use when our protectors put a hole in our hearts?

What's the use when looking good is a cyber crime?

What's the use when knowing your right becomes death?

What's the use when those witch doctors don't listen nor hear?

is it a crime to cover our suffering with good looks?

is it a crime to get ourselves couple of new shoes?

is it a crime we are locked in this system with these fools?

The only crime we committed was acting late and not too soon.

I have never seen Stubborn Animals Like Black Goats,

Using their Horns to pierce blood from our poor heads,

Using guns to hunt us down like bush games,

Always coming at us like we are the yams they shouldn't eat,

Our parents sent us to school in good faith, Only our dead corpse return with fleas and no one to explain.

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  2. Great composition!
    With clear and simple expressions that depict the plight of today's Nigerian youths.
    Nice imageries too, even though I couldn't understand the third one on L13.

    1. Good afternoon. Thanks so much. When a straight bullet kills a youth nobody investigates it. That's what I meant.


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