/> On The Highway of Heartbreak Town.(Short Anthology)

On The Highway of Heartbreak Town.(Short Anthology)

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True Fulfilment comes with a sit-back,deep breath, self reflection, then tears.

Billions is not about the Money, it's about the “more Money than".

A man thinks with his Head, his heart and his Penis.

The more you stop listening to Inspirational speakers, the more you become open minded. Have you ever seen a broke inspirational speaker before?

A stranger is more of a friend than a friend. Think about it.

To all the Fake people, Congratulations,You made it! But “For how long?"

The best success is silent.

Respect Prostitutes and Strippers, because you don't know if you will parent one.

To all the boys who demean girls, remember you will have daughters in the future or Grand daughters.

An overprotective father is only trying to cheat Karma.

You don't judge a man because of his past, you don't even have the right to judge him at all.

Anyone that sins just to make you happy has just sold his soul to save yours.

Silence is the best Wisdom achieved.

Change can be good, so far as you don't forget your roots.

When you are wealthy, you make Allies. When you are broke, you make friends.

If you sin because of a woman, be careful.

The best revenge is massive success.

Alcohol is a personality upgrade, either makes you more aggressive or more reserved.

Money is the only note that exposes your true nature, Think about it.

2. Shamimi(from Nana, by Elma)

"Dear Shamimi, I got your letter

The man I used to share kisses with is gone

Our unborn fruit was born a month ago

I really wished you never let go

My love,you came back to me

Don't worry you are always in my dreams

By the time I read your blood stained letter

It seemed like it could all get better

I have not stopped crying

I always stay at the beach searching

Hoping that I would see you from far across

But my effort is futile,I search my loss

Shamimi,your fight was true

Your aim,not to be misconstrued

You fought for your country,you fought for me

Your death was honourable, you fought to be free

I promise,I pledge by my heart

The fresh flowers you requested would be a part

Of our yearly visit to your grave

Our son looks like you

He reminds me of you,you came back;it is true

I miss you dear friend,dear lover 

I will smile everyday just for you

The memories we shared might be over

But once there is life,there is hope..well the sky is blue

I love you, Shamimi


3. Witch Doctor

Free at last they took their final Breathe,

they closed their eyes permanently,

the disease of democracy ate their liver up.

The doctors lied and said they had a painless death.

They were promised a Twenty-Four Seven availability,

they sang about the health of their heroes past.

the future meant for their entry,

was all but the a doctor's lie.

Be patriotic to your health they were always taught,

was their health patriotic to them?

they swallowed a lot of Democratic medicines,

yet the Drugs failed them all.

Several Visitations and Emails.

Several appointments booked.

“It's just a common Malaria" the Doctor told them,

but we all knew it was much more than that.

They pay hospital bills regularly to get the best quality health care they can get. 

Yet the Doctor Grows fat while their falling liver makes them leaner,

Go Home the Doctor said “A simple Anti-Malaria Drug will do the trick" but they were tired of all those lies.

It seems the Doctor was a witch Doctor after all.

But we still keep them in our Hospitals to kill us.

Their liver problem was not attended to properly.

Yet, after every Four years their spirit will still see the Witch Doctor in our Hospitals.

4. Office 85.

My office secretary knocks on my door and hands me some paperwork. 

We have been working overtime,

as the Christmas season breeds meeting with new investors.

So much work to do, what could go wrong?

It is an office; come on, we work even past noon.

It is  Christmas Eve; I am supposed to be with my newly married wife.

I am compelled to do some work in the office.

My tall secretary, looking beautiful in her office wear, consisting of a chiffon vintage shirt, a short body con black skirt with a pair of Lou Boutons. What could go wrong? 

The day began like any stressful day, but it ended memorably.

After all the stress, a little rest we took.

I opened my favourite whiskey Bottle, Remy Martian, took two sips, 

and the atmosphere of the room changed. 

My secretary and I locked eyes, gazed into each other’s soul for a few minutes,

and then came a smile.

We hastily moved closer to ourselves,

It was as though we have been longing for each other all-day.

The passionate and aggressive kiss that followed verified that we both longed each other’s embrace.

The moment was passionate,that the weather could not intrude.

It started raining in December and it was us against the wall, kissing and the wall against the weather. 

The intensity grew stronger as I grabbed her portable, round, soft bottom.

I was squeezing it like extracting juice from a melon fruit.

From that angle, I grabbed her up so that her long beautiful legs were resting on my waist.

From that Vintage angle, I hurriedly cleared off everything on my office table.

I felt some sudden movement in her, and she came down and what she did amaze me,

She pushed me to my office chair and, with her heels, placed her right foot on my chest. I could see her pink lingerie underneath, and then her Gymnastic nature, exposed.

She sat down in an interlocked position and continued with that beautiful aggressive kiss while I, mysteriously, Unbuttoned her blouse. 

She looked so beautiful when she finally knelt down, Unbuckled my belt, unzipped my trouser and then, was about to place her beautiful lips around what came out of my trousers  

Then she brought out a knife and stabbed inside the unzipped trouser.

Cursing and swearing were the only words that could come out of my mouth as i was no longer aroused.

I fell to the floor while blood gushed out from my unzipped trouser,

i was crawling on the floor calling out random names while I was begging her to please don't hurt me,

She only came closer and Kissed me aggressively and then bit me on the lips as she was having alot of pleasure,

With a smile,she placed her bloody index finger on my lips to silence me,

She put her hand inside the unzipped trouser and applied alot or leverage as I was shouting in agony,

She aggressively held my cheeks with her right hand as if she wanted to squeeze my mouth and whispered softly, “Shut up"

She then stood up, Undressed herself leaving her lingerie,

held her knife up with her two hands as she stabbed the middle of my head while blood gushed out like a Fountain. Then,

I realized, it's only just a Dream.

I fell asleep while preparing for my Final Bar exams,

It seems they don't tell you in a dream whether you pass an exam or not. 

Strange, isn't it?

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